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Note to Self: L’Assassinio di Kublai Khan

June 1, 2010

I should revise and publish a bilingual English/Italian version of Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan, working with Marco & Mattia, as a printed set of 3 chipboard cards in a printed or plastic sleeve: one card for Kyoko’s instructions, one for Kublai’s instructions, and one that explains the premise and has cool art by the da Saccos. One side of the cards would be in English and the other in Italian. There could even be a few other cards that offer example situations to inspire the players or serve as the opening exchanges of play.

Kublai Khan Is Dead

October 3, 2007

Simon C and Dave C’s sweet game of Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan on Snailspace has inspired me to post a slightly updated draft of the rules on One Thousand One. I added all of Simon’s comments from the Actual Play report (though I stupidly called him Dave in responding to him at Story Games, doh!), which should definitely help with future revision attempts.

Retro: Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan

March 2, 2007

This is yet another game that is Shreyas’ fault. For some inexplicable reason, he challenged a bunch of people to design games based on the concept “lesbianstripperninja.” This is my attempt. Annie Rush’s game, House of Horiku, is another.

Kazekami Kyoko is probably the most well known of my games, aside from maybe Seadog Tuxedo, probably because I talk about it all the time. It’s not the be-all and end-all of my design skills, but it’s where I felt I finally came into my own as a designer and designed a game that doesn’t play like anything else. Still, as I’ve mentioned before, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s influences:

    The dirty secret of KKKKK is that it’s just James Wallis’ The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, in which player/characters brag about their impressive feats. The only difference is that the game is structured as a dialogue instead of a monologue. The basic structure is:

    A: I did X! Aren’t I awesome?
    B: Verily! But what about Y?
    A: I accomplished Y in this fashion! What do you think of that?
    B: Impressive! And Z?

Now, it’s made slightly more complicated than that by the alternative response formats, but that’s a pretty decent summery nonetheless.

Recently, I’ve been discussing the content of the game with folks. The original premise went like this:

    Kyoko is a wind spirit, a kazekami. She is also a ninja. She is not a princess, as Kublai Khan thought before Kyoko stabbed him in the gut. He was trying to be amorous with his newest concubine. She was trying to prevent the Mongol invasion of Japan. As Kublai dies, the kazekami torments her husband by recounting how she has managed to seduce scores of his rare and beautiful wives…

Now, this sounds really awesome and sexy. But Kyoko tends to treat Kublai’s wives just like scenery or tools, which is not as feminist as the premise might initially suggest. It’s basically a very masculine fantasy about being totally dominated by a powerful women who, to make things worse, is busy telling you how she did the deed with a bunch of other hot women. So, yeah. Can’t really make excuses for that. It’s just one big giant sex-capade.

In any case, I tend to think the game has more redeeming qualities than flaws. It was an early effort to find my own design style and, in that sense, it succeeded specularly. I’d like to play more of it so I get a better sense of how I could polish it up.

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