Dark Heart of the Dreamer (Print)

July 27, 2013


Thanks to Sage and Adam, I now have 70 35 copies of the original print version of Dark Heart of the Dreamer to put into your hands. Thanks to the magic of USPS Global Forever stamps, shipping to anywhere in the world is included in the $10 price. The Paypal button below will get you one, assuming that they aren’t already sold out.

To summarize, Dark Heart of the Dreamer is the first supplement for Dungeon World in the Planarch Codex series. More information about its contents is available here on the page for the PDF version. The print version is a 3.5×5-inch pocket-sized, 32-page, chipboard and 100% recycled paper, soy-based-ink offset-printed, saddle-stitched (i.e. stapled) booklet. It is very stylish, but because of that, it is more expensive than something you might print on a photocopier.

There’s a possibility that these may be reprinted as part of a Kickstarter for future Planarch Codex material, but no promises on when that will be.

NOTE: It’s possible that there may be some issues with shipping. This is always the case when you are dealing with physical objects and, potentially, multiple different international postal systems. Please be patient. Also, I reserve the right to refund anyone’s money after two good-faith attempts to ship the booklets, since I don’t want to keep sending the limited number of copies I have into a black hole.

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