Planarch Codex: Human Heritage

March 21, 2012

The new heritage rules in the Planarch Codex (“when you invoke your rights of blood and tradition”) means that humans need some monster moves. Here’s my initial shot at those.

Humans are short-lived creatures of passion and destiny. They may be weak and petty from the perspectives of most other species, but they feel more deeply, love more strongly, and recklessly attempt the most dangerous and impossible things, for their timelines are measured in years, not centuries. And, for that, the gods and demons favor them above nearly all others. Want to get things done or shake things up? Throw some humans at a situation.

Monster Moves

  • make someone fascinated by you
  • escape from restraint, bondage, or captivity
  • earn the attention of one or more powerful forces
  • persevere
  • any other monster move that doesn’t require special powers or abilities (reflecting the incredible diversity of human ethnicity and culture)

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