Planarch Codex: Posse Creation

March 19, 2012

Cleric! You have fallen in with a band of planejumping sell-swords, cut-purses, and diabolists!

  • Yes, for I have been defrocked for the crime of ________ and sent into exile, though the god ________ still heeds my prayers and must have some plan for me.
  • Yes, for I am the last surviving keeper of the ancient and noble faith of ________, now lost to (violence, time, cataclysm, fissure, or conversion).
  • Yes, for I am a dark templar of my faith, charged to seek out lost secrets, sources of power, and ________, all for the greater glory of ________.

Fighter! You have fallen in with a band of planejumping apostates, cut-purses, and diabolists!

  • Yes, for I was born and raised among the wretched and outcast in ________, living hand to mouth, dreaming of future riches and ________.
  • Yes, for I am the black sheep (or exiled scion) of the noble house of ________, and this is the ignoble company I keep, obscuring and protecting me from ________, who has “great plans” for me.
  • Yes, for I am through with the wars and battles of ________, and will live out the rest of my days as a servant to my own interests, seeking ________.

Rogue! You have fallen in with a band of planejumping sell-swords, apostates, and diabolists!

  • Yes, and what else is new? I used to ________ with ________, and they were no better than this lot, that’s for certain.
  • Yes, but it’s only a temporary situation. You see, I have grand plans for ________, if only ________ would stop blocking my path to true greatness.
  • Yes, but how else would these idiots know where to find big piles of loot? They’re the unfortunate cost of doing business and I have this great job in mind where we can get ________ from ________.

Wizard! You have fallen in with a band of planejumping sell-swords, apostates, and cut-purses!

  • Yes, and such is the lot of a wizard, to be shunned and feared by pleasant society. Luckily these unsavory types don’t ask too many questions about my strange and unsavory practices, such as ________ and ________.
  • Yes, but once the wizards of ________ acknowledge the true earth-shattering potential of my new line of research into ________, they will beg me to teach them my methods.
  • Yes, but I’m not your average hide-behind-the-armored-dude hedge-mage who crawls head-first into a hole in the ground wearing fancy robes. I like to get my hands dirty. How else do you learn the real stuff like ________ and ________?

3 Responses to “Planarch Codex: Posse Creation”

  1. Fantastic! Instant shared history. A great start.

  2. It’s actually not meant to be shared history so much (aside from “hey, you’re all desperate adventurers together!”), but what it does do is generate all your factions/fronts/threats for you. Everything that the players fill in there should be a faction.

    Like, if the Cleric picks option two, you need a faction to reflect his ancient and noble faith (maybe it’s not dead after all or maybe there’s somebody who wants to make sure it’s wiped out!) and then one to reflect whatever it was that destroyed his order.

    It also emphasizes, perhaps, that you can’t really plan adventures for true sandbox play the way you would even in DW. This is something I’m struggling with right now, actually. I have this cool adventure planned with djinn and efreet, but it may be that the players come up with stuff during character creation that makes that adventure totally irrelevant. If so, cool! Maybe the rogue picks option three and they’ve brought the party together with a specific mission in mind. THEN WE DO THAT, right?

    This is partially what I meant by the Planarch Codex being structured more like AW, really following the characters and their interests, rather than having the dungeon village back-and-forth to frame play. But I still want there to be room for some pre-mapped locations, because trying to come up with a dungeon map room-by-room on the fly can be less awesome. Anyway, I’m still trying to work that out.

  3. This is cool. I was thinking just the other day that DW should do its bonds on a party rather than individual basis; not that this is the same, but it’s something on the same path.

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