Stage One: Tracking Progress

December 18, 2011

Stage One is a short anthology of video game-inspired tabletop games that I’m organizing. This post collects all the current information about it and will be updates with its current status.


Original submission guidelines
List of submitted drafts
– Initial reviewing (Stage 1-1, Stage 1-2, Stage 1-3)


Games with Submitted “Final” Drafts (** = edited and returned to author)

If you have a new draft and are ready to progress to this stage (editing and layout), submit a link in the comments below or email me your most recent version.

– Fall of the Titans**
– Heavy is the Head

Games with Invitations (* = tentatively accepted)

If you’ve received an invitation to submit your draft to the anthology, I will add your game here. Send me a comment or email to let me know if you have tentatively accepted. All contributors will maintain all rights to their games and even get full rights to the results of the editorial and layout work that I do for your game. I just get rights to release your game as part of the initial 200-copy print run of the anthology. Anything else will have to be negotiated later.

– Roguish (Evan Silberman)*
– Fall of the Titans (Scott Slomiany)*
– Differences (Jackson Tegu)*
– Half of Everything is Luck (Mike Olson)*
– Heavy is the Head (Simon Carryer)*

Games being Revised

This is a list of games that I know the designers are continuing to work on and still tentatively plan to release as part of Stage One (either the first anthology or maybe a second, later one). If you think you should be on or off this list, let me know in comments or over email.

– Resident Evil+ (Michael Wight)
– Return to Maniac Mansion (Nick Wedig)
– Fortunes and Thieves (Steve Hickey)
– Dragon and Warrior (Orion Canning)
– Lost Colony (Mendel Schmiedekamp)

Games of Unknown Status

These are games where I haven’t heard anything in particular from the author or read about any ongoing work on a forum or blog. If you think your game should be in another category, let me know.

– An Analog Tribute to Gauntlet (Christopher Weeks)
– A Few More Heroes (Stephen Bretall)
– Scrabblenauts (Nick Wedig)
– Naughty Duck’s Dream Adventure (A.D. Henderson)
– Pokemon Paper Edition (Robert Bruce)
– Paperboy Unleashed (Lorenzo Trenti)

Games Not Pursuing the Anthology

These are games that are pursuing independent publication or which the author has decided to stop working on, at least for now. That’s totally cool and I definitely support anything people want or don’t want to do with their games! Let me know if your game should be added to this category, just so I can make sure I don’t miss any. You’re welcome, of course, to resume working towards participation at any time.

– Mushroom Kingdom Stories (Hans Chung-Otterson)
– The Fissure (Trevor Waldorf)

3 Responses to “Stage One: Tracking Progress”

  1. Hi Jonathan, I’m continuing development and playtesting of my game The Fissure with some pretty drastic changes that I think are moving it too far away from the Stage One goals and concept, so add me to the “Not Pursuing” category. Thank you for your comments on the game, they brought a few crucial points to my attention, and thanks for giving me the motivation to get this started!

    I’m excited to see how the anthology turns out.


  2. Here’s a link to the latest version of Revenant:Viral (formerly known as Resident Evil+).
    Hoping to playtest it again tonight, but I think it’s about as good as I can make it right now.

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