Due Viligance: Basic Moves (in Progress)

July 19, 2011

When you commit a crime, make the appropriate move from the list below:

  • If you break & enter, commit larceny, or burgle…
  • If you blackmail, extort, or rob…
  • If you stalk, abduct, or falsely imprison…
  • If you destroy property, commit arson, or sabotage…
  • If you obstruct justice, impersonate, or assault an officer of the law…
  • If you drive recklessly, or resist arrest…
  • If you assault & batter (w/ a deadly weapon = potential for mayhem/homicide)…

2 Responses to “Due Viligance: Basic Moves (in Progress)”

  1. Mease19 Says:

    Its not a matter of “if,” its a matter of when…

    • Yeah, the “when” is “when you commit a crime…”; the “ifs” come after, as sub-options under that. So you decide what type of crime it is when you commit one.

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