Super Suit: The Deep Horrors

May 10, 2011

Human existence is full of horrors, large and small. The deep horrors are different. They come from out of space to devour and corrupt because there is something fundamentally broken, something that gives rise to their abomination.

Roll twice or pick what’s broken:

  1. Death: The gates holding back the souls of the departed have been smashed. Where the deep horrors hold fast, the graves give up their dead, ghosts and ghouls roam free, and the dead feed on the living.
  2. Science: Mankind’s ambitions have transgressed beyond the boundaries of their ability. Their vat-grown experiments rebel against them, their monsters and mutants, their cyborgs and robots, their plague-ridden test subjects stretch out their cold fingers for human throats.
  3. Nature: The deep horrors are a mockery of the natural world, but of those aspects most alien to humanity: insects, plants, deep ocean dwellers, or simple organisms. They grow unchecked and fertile, like algae, like coral, like a nest of eggs about to hatch. They are full of legs and teeth, but have only blind sightless eyes.
  4. The Dark Mirror: On the other side there is a world like ours but twisted and cloaked in shadow. But the mirror is now broken and its nightmares have broken through into ours, taking our places, carrying out a carefully orchestrated plan, leading us all to ruin.
  5. History: The deep horrors hail from the distant past or far future, way beyond human reckoning. They dwell in ancient ruins where technology is advanced beyond magic. They seize this broken history and turn it inward upon itself until everything is predestined to spiral towards doom.
  6. Love: The normal bonds of kindness, nurturing, and loyalty have been broken, most likely by mankind. Mothers and children abandon each other. Creators betray their creations or leave them alone to face a cruel world.

When you beat a terror lord and enter a new region of the planet, you can choose to cross out one of the things you’ve rolled here and roll or pick another one. The brokenness has taken on new forms.

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