Magic Missile: Interior Spread

February 5, 2011

Once again, I demonstrate that being involved in indie design and publishing is really just an excuse to do some pretty layout. Here’s my initial sketch of the interior of Magic Missile, complete with all the basic styles done (don’t have bulleted lists, numbered lists, or headings beyond level 2 yet).

4 Responses to “Magic Missile: Interior Spread”

  1. Jonathan, how is this coming along? Haven’t heard any updates lately and I’m very interested in the end result.

  2. Things are going well. All the chapters (10+) are in, some have been edited and sent back to their authors for making and approving changes, and I just got the first two chapters back a week or two ago.

    I’m trying not to think about fixed publication dates, but it’ll definitely get done this year. It’s probably too late for PAX now, but sometime in the fall, I suspect.

  3. Fantastic! I’ll make a point of keeping an eye here for updates. I never got to get a copy of Push and regret it.

  4. Jaywalt Says:

    My plan is to make Push available as a for-cost POD in the weeks leading up to the release of MM, so you might be in luck.

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