Super Suit: Alpha Draft Update

January 12, 2011

I’ve updated the alpha draft of Super Suit somewhat, based on early playtesting. It’s ALMOST playable by other folks at this point, at least through your first 10-15 cards or so.

If anybody else wants to start playing along, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have as we both try out this new game. It’d be nice to get some outside playtesting in before I send the finished draft off to Graham to sell at a charity event at Conception. So… free final versions to anyone who wants to play before then!

3 Responses to “Super Suit: Alpha Draft Update”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Am I dense? I can’t see where it says what you need to roll to hit, or how many hp a horror has.
    A standard jellyfish horror is in my grill.

  2. The organization of stuff isn’t very clear right now.

    You can choose to fire between 1-3 shots at a time. Each one costs 1% energy and you roll 1d6 for each one. A result of 4-6 is a hit, while 1-3 is a miss.

    Normal horrors only take 1 hit to kill. Bigger horrors take more.

    There should be a new draft coming tomorrow, if you get too frustrated.

  3. Also, check out the actual play report, if you still have trouble:

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