Super Suit: Example of Play

January 1, 2011

This is the example of play that goes with my current project, an alpha draft of Super Suit. It is an ongoing playtest of the rules and will be updated regularly until I finish the game or decide to stop playing. As per the rules of the contest, it is written in plain text, so the headings look a bit weird.

This example comes from a game I’m currently still playing, the first ever game of Super Suit.


(name roll: 2,5; planet roll: 1,4; motive roll: 2)

Joney Texico, bounty hunter extraordinare, is venturing into the god-forsaken hell-hole that is Absalom Omega, searching for her vat-mate and one-time lover Edgaras Rokk. Ed and Joney were both spawned in the cloning vats of Absalom IV and trained to be soldiers in the private army of its small-time pirate queen, Lady Tyrene.

The entire Absalom system — and Tyrene herself — was ravaged by the deep horrors over a deca-count ago. Joney escaped and turned merc, figuring Edgaras was dead until she received a garbled transmission from Absalom Omega — a uninhabited hunk of space rock — when her arc skimmer passed through the now-dead cluster.

She said she’d never come back here again, but here she is. Fuckin’ Absalom. So that dipshit Ed better not fuckin’ die before she can save his ass from the deep fuckin’ horrors. Swear t’ Lady Ty.



I decide that Absalom Omega is a rogue moon from one of the planets that the deep horrors flat-out destroyed, now sailing alone in the dark without anything to hold it to an orbit. I’m imagining one of the frozen, volcanic moons of Jupiter or Saturn, with an icy surface but a liquid interior that sometimes breaks through and geysers miles into the void. Very little atmosphere to speak of.

Joney doesn’t want to risk landing her ship on the surface itself, since the weight of her skimmer might break through the surface ice — now partially melted by her thrusters — and send the ship down into the liquid interior. Instead, she finds a former geyser that has re-frozen into a massive icy spire, settling her skimmer into a large, cavernous opening part-way up the peak.

This section of the peak, then — the cavern, the skimmer, any other things I decide are within a few cards of here — is my starting location and “home base” for the mission to save Ed.

Using the first joint on my thumb as a measuring tool — roughly the height of Joney in her super suit — I lay out a few index cards and begin sketching out the skimmer and the cavern.

[Insert map #1]

I want Joney to quickly find some sign — maybe even here in the cave! — that Edgaras Rokk might actually be here, so she’ll press on when things get tough, but I’m not sure exactly what that should be. This cavern on the spire seems pretty prominent, an obvious enough landmark that another ship might have landed here. So I draw the tracks that a shuttle’s landing gear made in the ice — probably some time ago, according to the suit’s sensors — but the shuttle itself is long gone.

I also want a more human element, but something mysterious, something to wonder about. So I draw a single boot, like the boot of a space suit, lying here under a few layers of ice. What happened to the person who wore this boot? Why would someone take off a boot here, when their foot and the rest of their body would instantly begin to freeze solid?


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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