Murderland Wrapup

August 28, 2010

Ha, only took me slightly less than two years to finish all those reviews. My deepest apologies to everyone who waited so long for me, especially the last four who submitted. You probably forgot you ever wrote those games!

Everyone who earned a “baked” review gets a $25 gift certificate to IPR, as per the original rules for picking winners. Those folks are:

— Jackson Tegu
— Mo Turkington
— Nathan Paoletta
— Stephen Bretall
— David Donachie
— Jason Dettman
— Ben Wray
— Marshall Burns
— Josh Roby
— Simon Pettersson
— Jesse Burneko

Wow, folks, that’s 11 out of 36 games. Nice job! Let me know if I missed anyone who got a baked review.

WINNERS: email me (jaywalt at gmail) and I’ll get you set up with your IPR $$$.

Finally, there will be a grand prize winner, as soon as I have time to re-read all the baked reviews, and they will — in addition — get a copy of In the Company of Crows and Ravens by John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell, which will tell you more about corvidae than you would ever want to know. I’ll post the Grand Murderland Champion soon, like tomorrow.

And then we’ll be done with this contest and I’ll move on to wrapping up Game Chef 2009 and starting Game Chef 2010. Woohoo!

Yay for finishing things.

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