Playbook: Valkyrie

August 10, 2010

I’m working on a new character type for Apocalypse World, inspired by the “Broken Rainbow” campaign I ran earlier this year. An initial sketch is posted over at Barf Forth Apocalyptica. Here’s an excerpt:

By default your army consists of about 15 fucking poltergeists that you ripped untimely from the violent womb of the Psychic Maelstrom. Likely, you murdered at least half these fuckers personally, with your bare hands, and for half the rest you were watching appreciatively as the killing was done. They don’t rightly believe your promises about riding out to glory in the end times, seeing as how the end times have come and gone without no glory to be had a’tall. And the best part is: no one can see these fuckers but you, the occasional dog, horse, or child, and madmen who ain’t full right in the head.

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