Hard Boiled Pixels?

June 21, 2009

Just a concept I’m working on, based on various people’s questions about and interest in the 16-bit 4E game I’m currently running. The OBE guys (Fred, basically) have yet to approve of any of this, so it’s just work on spec at this point, but I figure they could probably be convinced, once the product was actually written (seeing as how I’m notoriously flakey). I’m going to update this post occasionally as I flesh out the outline and think of other things that I want to include.

1. Why 16-bit 4E?
2. My Campaign (used as an example throughout)


How flexible will you be? Do player choices actually matter? How?

1. Premise
2. Characters
3. Title Screen
4. Introduction
5. First Encounter
6. First Dungeon
7. Magic Items
8. Boss Monsters
9. Going Forward
10. Towns
10. Building Towards a Climax
11. Final Confrontation
12. You Win!


1. Item Management
2. Treasure Parcels
3. Quests & Milestones
4. Leveling
5. Designing Combat Encounters
6. Designing Non-Combat Encounters
7. Skill Challenge: Grinding
8. Boss Design

1. Figure out what kind of maps and sprites you need.
2. Start by hacking existing maps and sprites.
3. Download appropriate ones from places like the Video Game Atlas and the Spriters Resource.
4. Use grids to divide them into 32×32 pixel tiles, figure out what needs to change.
5. Move 16×16 pixel tiles around until you get roughly what you want.
6. Fine tune stuff by editing the tiles pixel by pixel.
7. Once you get comfortable with how lowfi maps work, you can make your own custom tile sets.

– ?

1. Overland map of some kind.
2. Regional map.
3. Dungeon map.
4. PC Sprites.
5. Monster Sprites.
6. Item Sprites.

3 Responses to “Hard Boiled Pixels?”

  1. Approved! Approved! Get on it already!

  2. Chris Says:

    Hell yeah! I would buy it!

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