Lowfi Console 4E Product

June 14, 2009

Prepping for Doppeleffect has got me thinking about a potential 4E product (though who knows if One Bad Egg or anyone else would be interested in a product like this) that looks something like this:

  • a set of 32×32 pixel tiles for making 4E maps in a lowfi, 16-bit style (as PNG and PSD, maybe?)
  • a number of example maps constructed with the tileset
  • a number of homemade sprites for various monsters and PC types
  • a number of sample encounters using the example monsters and maps
  • some thoughts on how to structure a game as if it’s a mid-1990s console RPG
  • a few homemade chiptunes tracks to help serve as a “soundtrack” for the example adventure

What do you think? Is this a product that you’d be interested in? I feel like I’m going to make 65% of this over the course of running my “old school console RPG”-themed 4E game over the next month, so it only makes sense to put this stuff out in a form that other people might use, whether that’s as a commercial project or just something I release for free.

3 Responses to “Lowfi Console 4E Product”

  1. Ewen Says:

    I for one would be all over that. Using video game sprites for tiles and such in D&D (or tabletop RPGs in general) just sounds too awesome to pass up.

  2. DevP Says:

    If it works out in play, then I calculate 500% interest from gamers and basically infinite potential.

  3. Rich F. Says:

    I for one, yes. Yes.

    I’m only intermittently online over here, but I had an immediate positive reaction to your 32-Pixel Step post. I’d love to see a product like this.


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