Having a Really Hard Time

June 5, 2009

Just a heads up. Life has been really hard for me lately. I’ve had a whole bunch of things hit back to back. I didn’t get into Harvard for grad school because I was honest about my financial situation (long story, largely bullshit). I got into UW but still haven’t heard about financial aid, so I’m still worried about next year and am not sure what’s going to happen there. Then I lost my job (also, long story, largely bullshit). Now my girlfriend isn’t sure she’s at a place where she can move out to Seattle with me, which was our original plan, so she’s probably staying here — at least for now — with our puppy that just turned 1 year old in March. And all my local friends have been really busy of late, not having much time to hang out, play games, or do much of anything, which makes it harder. There’s also other stuff going on here that I can’t really talk about. And the past couple days I’ve had multiple game designers I respect tell me to fuck off, so, all in all, I’m feeling pretty terrible.

Anyway, I’m not really asking for sympathy or whatever. I’m not sure what I’m really asking for, maybe just a little slack over the next few weeks or months, as I try to put my life and future back together. Love and peace to everyone and my deepest apologies for any unintended hard feelings I’ve caused recently. Life is just really hard right now and some of that can’t help but bleed through into other things.

8 Responses to “Having a Really Hard Time”

  1. Brennen Says:

    I know you’re not asking for sympathy, but I’m giving it to you anyway. All of that sucks, man. Solidarity, brother.

  2. Simon C Says:

    Hey! You don’t really know me, but I like the stuff you do, and I think you’re pretty cool.

    Strangers on the Internet think you’re cool! That’s got to count for something, right?

  3. Tommi Says:

    Let it be known that another random internet person thinks that you do interesting stuff in this here blog.

  4. jonathan Says:

    I second Tommi’s thoughts. Hang in there; the mothership is coming to pick us up soon anyway…

  5. Willem Says:

    You really inspire me with your awesomeness. Good luck with dealing with all the stress and bullshit! I bear witness that you make the world a better place by making your art in it.

  6. Matthijs Says:

    Slack is a wonderful thing. It’s often a good idea not to demand or expect too much of yourself in times like these. Good luck, hope things work out for you in the future!

  7. Marc Says:

    Got your back, man.

  8. John Jenskot Says:

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I wish you strength and good luck.

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