A Suggestion

January 6, 2009

Hey Jonathan, Elliot, and Adam!

If we want to talk about Sim or how mainstream roleplaying design and play styles function (as opposed to dys-function), it’s probably best to do so somewhere besides the focused-game enclave (and chaositorium) that is Story Games. I’ve been mostly sticking to my blog when it comes to talking about structured freeform, because the environment there isn’t really suited for certain discussions.

Better to have the conversation some place that’s intended to be a hospitable and reflective environment for all perspectives and has a much slower pace, like Cultures of Play or some other microforum. I definitely think there are important issues to discuss there, but I’m not going to walk into that disaster zone, y’know?

One Response to “A Suggestion”

  1. Jim Henley Says:

    Funny! I had the same thought when I read those threads!

    Speaking of structured freeform: for your consideration . . .

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