My Dreamation Games

January 3, 2009

What I’m running at Dreamation 2009.

GAME: Geiger Counter (Beta)
TITLE: Exit Strategy

DESCRIPTION: Your spaceship crash landed on an unknown planet. All you have to do is survive until help arrives. A single-session cooperative survival horror RPG in the mode of “Alien” and “Pitch Black.”

SLOT: Saturday Afternoon.
RATED: R (over 18).

GAME: The Best of Murderland
TITLE: 6 and 30 Blackbirds

DESCRIPTION: Murderland was an Oct 2008 design competition to create short RPGs that could be played in a hour, based around the theme of “ravens.” Thirty six games were submitted. Come play 2-4 of the best Murderland games, back to back.

SLOT: Friday Evening.
RATED: R (over 18).

GAME: Mist-Robed Gate
TITLE: Step Up and Dance

DESCRIPTION: A motley group of kids from the local public high school has to get their act together and challenge their cross-town rivals for the State Dance Championship. Yes, it’s every dance movie ever.

SLOT: Sunday Morning.
RATED: PG-13 movie, but needs over 18 players.

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