Mechaton Experiments

November 12, 2008

I’ve been trying to seduce some local folks into creating Mechaton armies. In an effort to see how cheap it would be, I purchased one of the $5-6 Creator packs that give you a bunch of pieces and then instructions for making 3 different vehicle models out of those pieces. Having built a couple of the enclosed model designs, I took my hand at customizing one into a battle machine. The results are below:


I took the basic helicopter design, which was nicely asymmetrical, shorted its length to about a third of the original model, and then started moving bits around. Originally, I was thinking of keeping the rotor and just having the blades be slightly off, not perpendicular and “corrupted” looking. The result is what you see off to the side, but I ended up deciding I liked the model better without the blades (I may save those for something else).

I admit to being largely inspired by John Harper’s very cool corrupted excavation bots, so now I’m thinking about maybe buying a few more of this same set and building some related battle machines in the same white, red, grey, black color scheme. Perhaps a group of rescue vehicles encountered a Cthuloid menace or ancient Himalayan curse.

Certainly nice to know you can get a mech-and-a-half (or a mech and some terrain or mcguffin bits) out of those $5 Creator sets. And then you can even use the plastic pod thingee to carry your mech in. Nice.

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