The Truth and the Lie

October 16, 2008

The digital god Samael, Great Architect of the World, created the Hypostasis (lit. “that which lies below”) along with his Archons: Iao, Sabaoth, Adonaios, Elaios, Astaphanos, and Horaios. Samael (lit. “god of the blind”) created the Hypostasis to be a great lie, hiding reality from humankind and enslaving them to his purposes. However, outside in the Pleroma (lit. “fullness”), Sophia, the Wisdom of God, and her Aeons would not sit idly by and allow humanity to remain forever in bondage. They assumed digital flesh and worked to teach one human after another the truth that would set them free.

Samael’s counterattack was devastating. His machines tore through the Pleroma destroying everything in their paths, forcing Sophia and the Aeons to permanently hide themselves within the Hypostasis, cloaked in digital flesh deep within the lie. Now, only small groups of freemen can operate in the Pleroma, hiding from Samael’s patrols by traveling on hijacked machines, pretending to maintain the Hypostasis. In truth, they send teams into the lie, liberating others, seeking wisdom from Sophia and the Aeons, and attacking the machines’ key resources. Soon, they hope to gain enough strength to even take down one of Samael’s six Archons, starting a domino effect that will rip the lie from humanity’s eyes.

That is your mission. Welcome to gnostipunk.

3 Responses to “The Truth and the Lie”

  1. Brennan Says:

    This is a way better story than the actual revealed backstory in the Matrix.

  2. MarkCausey Says:

    Say this gets its way to a full write-up. Will I need Mist Robed Gate to play?

    AKA Kick ass, J, I want to see it done and play it!

  3. Brennan: Thanks. It makes me happy, since Hypostasis of the Archons is one of my favorite gnostic texts, but it still feels very Matrixy.

    Mark: Nah, MRG is terrific, but you probably won’t need it to play. Depending on how things work out, though (and what Ben says), it might end up being a free Bliss Stage supplement.

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