What Lies Beneath

September 29, 2008

For Agonia, I decided I needed the equivalent of Wormwood’s crawling towers and Engel’s traveling pillars of fire. The idea is basically to have a “fantasy aircraft carrier” for the bag guys that moves around and serves as a mobile base for their assault on all things good and holy.

As I recently discussed in another thread, there’s something really disturbing about really huge architectural constructs, things that are way too massive for humans to have built in one or even several generations. Once a piece of architecture becomes timeless and unnatural, it hits right at the “civilization is the work of the devil” meme that’s pretty powerful. Lovecraft certainly understood that. Also, you can see its power in Brueghel’s painting of the Tower of Babel…

… as well as Stradano’s diagram of Dante’s vision of hell.

So I’m imagining areas where the ground has collapsed, revealing the secret buildings and passages that exist under the earth, where all the demons and other foul creatures have lurked unknown for millenia. I imagine that looking down into one looks something like this:

Characters’ efforts, then, are to close such openings or drive creatures back down into them or even venture down into them and destroy demons in their homes. And the players would collectively decide where these holes had opened up when the game began, with one of the default ones being right on (or next to) Jerusalem, due to the dark mystical workings of the Templars.

One Response to “What Lies Beneath”

  1. While the idea is undeniably cool as all hell, I have to report a contrary reaction to the imagery you’re evoking: As a devoutly urban creature, my own gut feeling would be “These guys must be pretty okay on some level, because they’re got bigger cities than we do.” If the demons must be destroyed, I think I would want to occupy and annex Hell as the war proceeds.

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