Where I'm Coming From

September 26, 2008

According to Mo, who I’ve never met or played games with, but who I think is totally correct:

I know a good number of people who have social sockets. I have long suspected Jonathan Walton of being one, though having never gamed with him I can’t say for sure. Social socket folks get their primary and lasting enjoyment in the game through the other people at the table. It’s the collaborative endeavour of roleplaying is what makes them hot to play…

Jonathan, I think there might be something like an aesthetic socket. I’d say yours is secondary, and I would guess it is Shreyas’s primary socket (again, haven’t played with the man, so can’t say for sure). Something like: It’s not the end of the world if the story’s not full, the characters aren’t deep, or the system boring and generic, as long as we’re creating a thing of beauty

Just so you know. I think you can see these preferences, both explicitly and implicitly, in many of the designs I’ve worked on or am still in the process of putting together.

One Response to “Where I'm Coming From”

  1. Brennan Says:

    I think I definitely fall on the social socket side, too.

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