Mike Sands on Geiger

July 25, 2008

Mike Sands organized a game of Geiger Counter recently and had some good things to say about it. He sent me an email linking to his post and also said:

“I must say, there wasn’t much of the usual playtest kinks, it seemed pretty solid overall. Your new character sheet design looks like it serves to deal with our biggest issue (i.e. deciding what condition to pick).”

Rock. That makes me feel really good, that the text already seems to be working for people, even if it’s not nearly as good as I want it to be. Listening to the recent Theory from the Closet podcast with Thor has made me want to throw out my current draft and re-write it from scratch, but we’ll see what I have time for before GenCon.

I think Mike’s comparison to Eric Provost’s The Infected is spot-on. Geiger is not about creating really great or memorable characters, necessarily. It’s about the movies we love despite the fact that the characters don’t necessarily have a lot of depth. Even Ripley is ultimately not that complicated, but the movies succeed anyway. It’s very much just about structuring “what happens” to be really fun and exciting.

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