Geiger One-Sheet Help?

July 21, 2008

Trying to work up a one-sheet (not really a character sheet) to assist people in playing Geiger Counter. Can those folks who’ve played it or at least read it help me figure out what all needs to be on it? Here are my intentions with what I have so far.

All the little rounded squares are places to keep your actual dice during play, except the menace dice might float around if you don’t have enough for everybody to have their own. I’m intending players to make notes about what each die means in the rounded squares. I like having menace dice on every sheet because it reminds each person that they have responsibility to play the menace.

The only thing I don’t have is places to put extra survival dice once you inherit them from dead characters. I guess I probably have to find a place for those and you could just write the dead character’s name next to them.

I really like each character having “their thing.” Like, “I’m a special forces sergeant with a deathwish.” I don’t think there’s a better description of that than “your thing.” Maybe “your angle,” as in “What’s your angle on this?” But “thing” probably gets the tone of Geiger better. A bit self-consciously ridiculous.

I figure people probably won’t have more than 4 advantage dice, but I’m not sure how that’s worked for other people in play. Heck, I could even cap the number of advantage dice you can carry around, to give people an incentive to create immobile dice like deck-mounted cannons and computer terminals and libraries, which have been rare on the ground. Thoughts?

I think it’s important to have all the conditions and buyoff on the sheet, though they could probably stand to be cut down to as few words as possible. The little bubbles on the side are where you mark which ones your character currently has.

I’m thinking about maybe adding some general scene framing guidelines too, in the form of a “if you’re not sure what to do, do one of these things” list. If that was in your face, I think it would help play in some cases. Is there anything else that would be helpful?

2 Responses to “Geiger One-Sheet Help?”

  1. Since this kinda does the whole movie thing… maybe each person has their part? their role? Maybe they need a motivation, too?

    Like: “Okay, so I’m playing the nerdy college computer guy, but what’s my motivation? Okay, I got it, I’m the nerdy computer guy who’s had enough of being pushed around!”

    Like that, maybe?

  2. DevP Says:

    “your thing” => “your role”. Clear > clever.

    Replicating menace information on every sheet – rather than on just a separate menace sheet – is an interesting idea to work against the player’s natural incldination, though I’m not sure if it will effectively hold up in practice. It is a *lot* of sheet real-estate to give up. (Consider, alternately, having a large circle-ish space for clustering the dice, right next to some lines for accruing details. Less tactile niceness; it may be more practical?) If you stick with boxes, it could be cool to have all the Menace boxes line up in a straight line, maybe with a background gradient getting darker to show things getting more f*cked.

    Scene suggestions + guidelines are good, maybe no more than 3. It would be good to break down the mechanical outcomes of conflicts (conditions, adjusted dice pools).

    If you got a version of this you want to try out live, I’m hoping to run Geiger this Wednesday (or at least on some incoming Wednesday).

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