Retrospective: Möbius

July 7, 2008

Back before I discovered the Forge, the other pitch I was preparing for a Skotos MUSH was Möbius: Life on the Strip, for which I developed the unfinished web promo thing I just linked. WARNING: Some parts of it are really pretentious, even for me.

The basic premise was to create a Flatland-inspired 2-D puzzle world shaped like a Möbius strip. Players would essentially act out the secret lives of Tetris pieces (it’s a Tetris MMORG!), traveling back and forth along the strip and manipulating the inanimate shapes around them — often through teamwork — to unlock further mysteries. Each puzzle could be approached from two different sides, since going all the way around the loop would bring you to the same spot — but you’d be oriented the opposite way (which actually matters, since players’ pieces would not be symmetrical).

If you were this piece:

When you went all the way around, you’d look like this:

In any case, I never got around to actually planning out any of the puzzles, but somewhere inside of me there’s still a hankering to make this work on the tabletop, perhaps with tangrams. We’ll see.

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