Gandalf & Sauron’s Plot

July 3, 2008

So here’s the structure in my mind, though the rules I have no clue about.

One player plays the problem. The dark lord Sauron is going to take over all of Middle Earth. The Machines are imprisoning human beings within The Matrix. England is without a king. That kind of thing.

Another player plays the sage. Gandalf. Morpheus. Merlin.

There is a secret plot between the problem’s player and the sage’s player, who determine how the world can be set right again. They determine this between themselves and don’t tell any of the other players. Their shared goal in the game is to work together to trick the other players’ characters into unknowingly setting the world right.

So imagine this conversation between Gandalf and Sauron.

GANDALF: Okay, so we need to get the hobbits to take the One Ring all the way to Mordor and throw it into the fires of Mount Doom.

SAURON: Agreed, but how the hell do we do that?

GANDALF: Okay, well. Let’s say I recruited one of the hobbit’s uncles into a ridiculous escapade in which I happened to more or less ensure that the One Ring came into his possession, and he passed it down to his nephew.

SAURON: That’s cool, but we need to make sure the hobbits carry it to Mordor and don’t just give it to someone much more competent. Hmm, how about we make the different factions in the world all vying for control of the One Ring, so the hobbits are the only neutral ones that can be trusted with the task? So we can trick them into volunteering for the job.

GANDALF: Splendid. And then one of their traveling companions can try to take the Ring from them, so the hobbits are forced to go it alone!

So, after every X number of scenes, Sauron & Gandalf would sneak off to plan a bit, figuring out how to respond to what the players did. And, during that time, the players would talk together and try to figure out what the hell they were supposed to be doing to fix the world.

In the end, everybody wins when the characters finally stumble into glory, when it would have been so much easier if the sage had simply told them what to do in the first place or done it themselves. But, of course, that’s not what being a sage is about. That’s not any fun at all.

5 Responses to “Gandalf & Sauron’s Plot”

  1. Guy Shalev Says:

    Hm, interesting.

  2. Guy Shalev Says:

    Hm, but how did they know they needed to go to Mordor and throw the ring?
    Gandalf told them.

    The “mystery” becomes only that they should do it alone? And if so, what of Gollum being there with them?
    This example is interesting, but it has holes that stop me from seeing how this does work, practically.

  3. Actually, according to the movie, Elrond told them it had to be done and then the hobbits volunteered to do it. But, yeah, LotR is not a perfect example, or, at least, it would go down somewhat differently under this kind of structure.

  4. Guy Shalev Says:

    Ah, but how did Elrond know it had to be done? Heh.

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