Playtest Lessons

May 27, 2008

Played Black & Gaunt last week at SGBoston. It was pretty fun for all involved, but the system didn’t quite support us as much as I’d like. I really wanted to evoke that zombie movie effect where the main characters are herded into an increasingly smaller space by a growing army of the dead, and that just doesn’t happen with the rules currently.

Talking with Eric and April over falafel afterwards, one of them suggested that it would make a lot more sense if the zombies could actually occupy an increasing amount of territory on the board. So you’d have an increasing number of zombie tokens that would grow and mark out locations that the zombies had taken over. Characters in those locations would be guaranteed to be attacked, but characters could avoid the zombies by sticking to unoccupied locations (where they would presumably still be fighting amongst themselves).

Another thing I wanted was for the major locations in the game to be further subdivided into smaller locations to do the “room by room” affect that happens with zombies and even in the Aliens movies. So, on the new map that I just worked up, the major locations also have blown-up outlines for you to draw individual rooms on and add basements and subbasements. Once it matters, then, where particular individuals are within a specific location, you subdivide that location on a zoomed in map. This may be something worth porting back to Geiger Counter in general.

Not 100% sure this is how I want the map to go, but it’s a step in the right direction:

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