Third Attempt

May 8, 2008

Maybe getting closer?

11 Responses to “Third Attempt”

  1. Brennan Says:

    Definitely. This is cleaner, still retains that academic look, and really emphasizes the ladder, which is the most important element here, in my opinion. Like Jason said on the last thread, you really need that square of light.

  2. Brand Robins Says:

    Yep, best balance and composition yet.

    I’m wondering about the black strip down the right side — is that part of the picture, or a black border behind it? If the later, you might want to check your color balance for whoever is printing it, as it might come off more starkly contrasted than it does now.

  3. Brand: This is just a sketch at this point, so, yeah, that black strip will disappear in the final version.

  4. Love it!

    If I had to make any comments, they would probably be nit picky.

    If I saw this on a self, I would instantly be drawn to it.

  5. Jmstar Says:

    Much improved, I think! I like how the title sort of lives in the primordial darkness of the kiva. It’d be even more fabulous if there wasn’t a big box in there with it.

    You know what would be cool? Get rid of the box and emboss Mr. Sportin’ Wood into the no-contrast darkness. That’s probably gilding the lily for an ashcan but it’d be neat.

  6. Brennan Says:

    You’re so anti-box, Jason!

  7. benlehman Says:

    Jason’s right. The box is hateful.

  8. Ouch, hate is pretty harsh, Ben. Can we get more touch love and less hate?

    I really love boxy design:

    Giraffes? Giraffes!
    Acme Novelty Library

  9. John Harper Says:

    Boxy can be good. I don’t think it’s helping here though, as it’s floating out in space and isn’t aligned or connected to anything else. I would find a way to do without it, or integrate it more.

    But yes… this version is much improved and looking very nice.

  10. misuba Says:

    The box makes “Stories of the Fifth World” look like a brand or line that “How We Came To Live Here” belongs to, rather than like a subtitle, which I think is the intention?

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