Taking a Break from Forums

May 8, 2008

Over at Story Games, Luke rightly called me out for complaining that Burning Wheel isn’t what I want it to be. I feel even shittier because it was in a thread where people were getting excited about his new BW-based Mouse Guard RPG, which I’m pretty excited about. Fuck.

So I’m taking an indefinite break from online forums, just to clear my head a bit and realize what really matters. As a consequences, I’ll probably end up posting more here, at the Firmament Project, and at Bleeding Play. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity to make a positive contribution, instead of being needlessly negative.

3 Responses to “Taking a Break from Forums”

  1. shreyas Says:

    Meh, so Luke yelled at you for not being a yes-man. That’s not a good reason to chase yourself away from forums, dude. Forums suck, though! I’m excited to see you working more on games and less on, like, talking with theory wanks.

  2. Brennan Says:

    I’d rather read your blog than forums. I haven’t been on Story Games in weeks, and I haven’t posted there for months.

    P.S. Luke yells at everybody at some point. Don’t sweat it.

  3. fredhicks Says:

    I left Story Games a few months ago and haven’t really ever looked back with regret on that. My motivations were a little different from yours, but there’s still some commonality to it.

    That said, looking at the comments here, I don’t think it’s about “yes-man”-ness or not. I left Story Games because it was maintaining an insufficiently positive atmosphere to be worth my time. That’s not me saying it didn’t have enough “yes men” on it. That’s me saying there were too many whiny bitches. 😉

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