Kokopelli is Very Excited for this Game

May 6, 2008

Brennan asked me to do layout for the ashcan version of How We Came to Live Here, his game of mythic adventures in the ancient Southwest. I’m going to be posting some samples as I get them done, and feedback is very welcome.

Brennan’s also doing his part to bring more penis into roleplaying. First there was the excellent Jennifer Rodgers art for Mortal Coil. This time, I sent him a cover sketch for HWCTLH and he said, “That’s great, but we should use the real kokopelli… the one with a massive hard-on.” So there you have it.

5 Responses to “Kokopelli is Very Excited for this Game”

  1. Brand Robins Says:

    I ❤ kokopelli.

    Mo has about a thousand of them, hard on and no hard on version.

  2. Jmstar Says:

    It seems off balance to me. The big text rectangles all pushed left really jars with the photographic image. I’d rather not see the kiva entrance, just use the little dude sportin’ wood as your graphic centerpiece. It could look austere and cool, like the cover of a tweedy research report or something.

    Or conversely, privilege the image and don’t put big boxes on top of it.

  3. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Jason: Yeah, the different elements are definitely still struggling together a bit. The problem is that I like all of them, so I’m gonna have to make hamburger out of some cows.

  4. John Harper Says:

    I’m with Jason. The boxes are fighting the (very cool) photo too much.

    An earth-crimson field with the kokopelli as a device on it and the text set below… could be very compelling.

    Or, like Jason says, make the photo the star and lay the text on top in a less-obtrusive way.

  5. kynn Says:

    IMO, the problem is that outer border.

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