Mountain Witch + Agon + Sorcerer

April 4, 2008


Each character has a Dark Fate, which the associated player choses from a list or invents themselves. The Dark Fate is associated with a Dark Fate Die that begins as a d6. Any time a player wants to invoke their Dark Fate, they can roll their Dark Fate Die in conflicts and describe how their Dark Fate manifests. As a character’s Humanity lowers, they move closer to realizing the doom associated with their Dark Fate, which generally involves death, madness, or giving into the dark powers and becoming more or less a demon in their own right. Consequently, the less Humanity a character has, the higher their Dark Fate Die becomes.

Whenever a character loses a point of Humanity, mark it off and — if the character has reached the point where their Dark Fate Die increases — describe a major milestone in their succumbing to their Dark Fate occuring. This does not necessarily have to occur in the current scene, but it should definitely occur before the end of the current session and before the character has a chance to lose more Humanity.

Losing all their Humanity and reaching the doom associated with their Dark Fate is the only way a character ceases to be playable. The physical, emotional, and social damage accrued during conflicts can never kill a character, just incapacitate them, cause them to lose the stakes of the conflict, or cause their traits to develop in negative ways due to Fallout.

2 Responses to “Mountain Witch + Agon + Sorcerer”

  1. Guy Shalev Says:

    What stops a player from racing to the D12 and then staying at that level of Humanity?

  2. Humanity loss isn’t voluntary, like it is in Agon. It’s like Humanity loss in Sorcerer, where you lose Humanity by failing saves and such.

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