Geiger Working Draft

March 21, 2008

You remember back when I posted a draft of the playtest draft of 108 Bravos? This is like that, except for Geiger Counter. Blame that John guy (jenskot), who mentioned liking how I try to design in public over on Story Games. I’ve been working on Geiger in private for a bit, and I wanted to show the really ugly prototype draft, so other folks might be inspired to put one of these together for their game, in whatever state it’s in.

This ugly beast of a Geiger prototype (PDF) will eventually be a list of accessible instructions for running the game, rather than the current hodgepodge of notes. This will probably be the format I stick with for the ashcan version I’ll be giving away at GenCon, and maybe for the final version as well, we’ll see. I’m hoping that writing it in this format may make it easier to play successfully and maybe means it sees more play than most games released for outside playtest.

I’ve already gotten some good feedback and questions on this draft from Justin Jacobson, Paul Tevis, and John Harper, who I sent this version to a few days back, so hopefully there’ll be a better one up by the end of next week that’s more suitable for outside playtesting. This is really just meant as a peak of what my working draft looks like in process. Comments, questions, and suggestions are most welcome.

6 Responses to “Geiger Working Draft”

  1. Very cool! Thanks Jonathan! Terry is committed to running Geiger Counter at the Gotham Gaming Guild (similar to Story Games Boston but in nyc). We will let you know how it works out.

  2. Awesome, John. Hopefully I get the new, easier-to-understand version up before Terry gets around to giving it a shot.

  3. Lukas Says:

    For the last couple of years, I’ve been piddling around, pretending to design a game for playing out zombie movies (since there are no good games in print for playing out zombie movies), all the while hoping that someone else would come up one so that I didn’t have to.

    Geiger Counter is so it.

    I might try to get some people to play this with me at Gamestorm this weekend. Do you mind if I send you some questions beforehand, or would you prefer that people try to playtest this without any input from you other than the document itself?

  4. Oh, ask whatever questions you want. I can even send you the slightly updated version that makes a bit more sense. Having it be enjoyable is way more important than blind playtest data.

    Also, you should check out Eero Tuovinen’s “Zombies at the Door” as another cool zombie game.

  5. Lukas Says:

    I’d love to get the updated version, if it’s not any trouble.

    I’ve heard of “Zombies at the Door”, but the only website I’ve found related to it wasn’t in English. Do you know of an English draft somewhere I can take a look at? It’s based on V. Baker’s “Afraid”, right?

  6. Nope. Geiger’s vaguely based on Afraid. Zombies is its own thing, but I don’t think there’s an English draft available. I described the basic rules over here:

    Email me (jaywalt at gmail) for the new version.

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