Things to Try in Tomorrow's Playtest

March 7, 2008

Running more giant shark Geiger Counter at JiffyCon tomorrow. New things I’m going to try:

1. New, shorter style sheet.

2. Having the group collectively brainstorm a fixed number of main characters (equal to or slightly more than the number of players) and secondary characters, before figuring out who will play these characters when they appear. This detaches player from character a bit and makes it clear that these are not traditional PCs.

3. Fix the conditions that didn’t work.

4. Figure out a better way to handle dark secrets and the traitor. Pick the traitor once the monster’s traits have been determined and then allow them to take dark secret dice afterwards, maybe?

5. Freeform cartography. This should be awesome, but I don’t have time to talk about it now because Rob just arrived and is waiting in the grocery story parking lot. But I’ll give the full rundown later.

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