Baby Steps

March 7, 2008

I’ve decided that I don’t have to make a great game covering all 70 chapters of the original Water Margin, right away. I can make a great game covering the first ten chapters and then release free “oracle extensions” online in 10 chapter chunks. So the original game lets you play up to ten sessions and the first extension gives you another 10 sessions of oracles and characters, and so on. After all, how many indie roleplaying groups have campaigns that last more than ten sessions anyway? And ten sessions will keep most groups busy for three months or so, giving me plenty of time to work on the first extension.

Plus, that means I don’t have to read and re-read the entire Water Margin while working on the game (a huge task). I can just read and re-read ten chapters at a time, with an eye on the larger narrative. Like my new model for publishing Push, this makes things a lot more manageable and gets me excited about working on The 108 Bravos of Mount Liang again, instead of quivering in fear at the massive task I had given myself.

Additionally, this kind of publishing model makes a bunch of sense for Geiger Counter too: publish the game with a few style sheets worked out and then start playtesting more style sheets and release them as they get into a more finished form (and encourage other people to develop their own style sheets).

2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. DevP Says:

    Some might call that a more “agile” mode of development.

  2. I should hire you to write all my marketing copy. Clearly I don’t know enough hip terminology.

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