Cover Image?

February 12, 2008

I really like the cover image that I worked up for the Water Margin game. However, I also really dig Mark Leong’s photograph of one of the actors from Warriors of Heaven and Earth (tiandi yingxiong), from his book China Obscura.


There are a couple of reasons not to use it. First, it’s shot in Xinjiang, western Muslim China, far away from the events of the Water Margin. Second, the guy standing by himself, shot through with arrows, is not quite the image of brotherhood and banditry that I had in mind. On the other hand, Warriors is clearly inspired by the Water Margin tradition, Mark Leong’s picture is just incredible, the clothing is basically spot-on for the time period (it’s Tang Dynasty instead of Song, but that’s pretty close), it’s in landscape format just like the booklet in my head, and it has plenty of empty space for the title and other info to go.

I’ve contacted the image site that controls it to get a quote. If it’s somewhere within my price range, maybe I’ll give it a shot. Otherwise, it’s definitely something to keep in mind for future game projects.

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