Not the Logo

June 11, 2007

I’m chatting with Brennan Taylor about maybe doing some design work for his Southwestern mythic societies game, How We Came To Live Here. This is not going to be the logo, but I had fun working on it anyway and wanted to show it off.

Graphic design is like game design in quite a few ways, specifically, in this case, in the imposition of artificial rules that provide structure and consistency. In figuring which parts of the letters to make yellow, I made a bunch of rules:

1. All the curls will be yellow.
2. Yellow wants to be on the inside.
3. If yellow can’t be inside, it’ll choose top or right.

2 Responses to “Not the Logo”

  1. jenkins Says:

    Very nice! If you don’t mind the creative criticism, though, though the “I” in “LIVE” is hard to read because of the size of the curl compared to the size of the letter and it interrupting the recognizable shape. The left-hand curls in the “C” also disrupts the recognizable shape, though not as much. It seems the yellow really wants to stay inside on that one. 😉

    I have no useful suggestion about the “I”, though, sorry.

  2. Caledonian Says:

    Given that the background is a fairly-dark purplish color, and one of the colors of the letters is black while the other is a bright yellow, it’s the brighter color that is most easily and clearly perceived. But the yellow isn’t what you used for the letters – instead, it highlights some parts of the letters and adds flourishes and embellishments in ways that don’t correspond to the letters’ structure.

    I find the end result is that the letters are obscured, and I have a harder time identifying and reading the words as a result. The functional parts of the design, the ones that form the letters, are relatively hard to see, while the decorative but meaningless parts stand out and conceal the letters. The signal-to-noise ratio is significantly reduced.

    Might I suggest switching the black and yellow?

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