Bleeding Edge Discussion

May 14, 2007

Continued from my post yesterday…

Shreyas: i’m not sure how to do this; when so many people are so quiet about their design

Jonathan: yeah; well, it requires reading what people are posting and publishing and analyzing it ourselves; or maybe you could do it thematically; one week would be “pacing mechanics”; another would be “alternative trait representations”

Shreyas: mhm; that could work; so i could be being crazy; but part of me feels like most of the people we know that DEFINITELY ARE designing are doing so silently; like kevin and nathan; and the other people who are actually designing are unknown to us

Jonathan: clearly, we can’t talk about that; but having a space invites people to talk about it; or we could invite them to post about it

Shreyas: yeah; that’s cool

2 Responses to “Bleeding Edge Discussion”

  1. Thenomain Says:

    You know, I always thought “20′ by 20′ Room” was a good place to read about the cool little things that some games are doing, albeit it’s almost always existing games and not games in development. The tone was conversational and it was usually as small as, “I thought X was cool,” which gets me, as a reader and sometimes-game developer, excited to try new, cool things myself. It’s contageous.Though I am new to reading these blogs (“new” meaning “six months or so”), it feels like people are looking inwards a lot to their own projects. I don’t see as much “I Think You Are Cool” support that I see in archives or places like 20×20 Room. There seems to be less excitement for each other.Which is why I still read blogs like this one, and miss more regular 20×20 updates, because that excitement is there.Incidentally, I am not an RPG developer (I makes me some card games), but I love what people do when they add their energies to each other to make a movement out of a hobby. Hats off to ya.

  2. Guy Shalev Says:

    I think this would be a huge undertaking, and any steps taken towards it are welcome.

    Though yes, it requires you to wade through every actual play or non-thread, for techniques people might be using. A lot could be learnt from comparing similar but not identical techniques, or identical techniques used to tackle different problems, etc.

    I think you could also take a note from John Kirk.

    Anyway, if you do start it, I’m fully behind it. I’m also with Thenomain, many a time it may just come off as “I thought the Trust Mechanic in TMW is cool” or “Whoa, I want to see Conspiracy of Shadows’s Doom Mechanic used in other games, wait, didn’t Roanoke also use it?”

    And such.

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