Slippery Kit

February 22, 2007

Another conversation about the game-in-progress. One of these days I’ll figure out a good format to repost chats. By the way, I think the female character may end up just being called “The Agent” or “The Agent of the Queen.”

– i kinda suspect that i want the second character to have a hand in his death
– or to ultimately be responsible
– but maybe it should end with things unclear as to whether he’s actually dead
– so it’s not clear who triumphs
– that makes it more interesting
– maybe Marlowe’s last letter is “to be read on the event of my demise”
– and anticipates it

that’s pretty exciting

– hmm, i’m thinking maybe that the female character’s letters are all to various people, trying to arrange Marlowe’s death
– and the other player plays all these people who keep being baffled when Marlowe slips out of their hands
– so like “sorry, mistress. we tried to poison him, but the poor sod didn’t seem affected in the slightest”
– so like Kazekami Kyoko in that way
– with one person concocting plans that the other challenges
– but eventually, they get him

– dude
– yes
– that’s um really weird
– but in a cool way
– i want to play it

– so is the final letter pre-written?

– hmm
– could be
– i wonder if play could continue even after his death
– “to make sure we got him”

– haha

– i just don’t want it to become Kill Doctor Lucky

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