World-Encompassing Spider Pattern

October 30, 2006

Um, yeah. I’ve decided to create a giant chakra for all of Creation, representing the entire Loom of Fate woven by the Pattern Spiders. It is called, of course, “World-Encompassing Spider Pattern.”

The idea is for it to both serve as an emotional and thematic map of what’s going on in your Exalted game and also be a map of Exalted’s cosmology. Right now I have sketchy versions of the mortal world, Yu-Shan, and the Underworld maped to the Terrestrial Castes, Solar Castes, and Abyssal Castes respectively. I’d like to include Malfeas, Autochthon, and the Wyld as well, probably once I get Castemarks or other symbols for the Demons/Infernals (based on their Circles?), Alchemicals (metal), and Fair Folk (Graces).

I’m still unsure about the Lunar and Sideral Castemarks and how to incorperate them.

The problem with the Lunars is the Castes and Marks don’t match the actual lunar phases very well. There are 8 major lunar phases:

– New Moon (No Moon)
– Waxing Crescent
– 1st Quarter (a Waxing Half Moon, basically)
– Waxing Gibbous
– Full Moon
– Waning Gibbous
– 3rd Quarter (a Waning Half Moon, basically)
– Waning Crescent
– then back to New Moon

Basically, Waxing and Waning Moons aren’t specific shapes, but indications of whether the moon is in the process of becoming Full (Waxing) or New (Waning). Having Gibbous or Crescent Castes would have made a LOT more sense. But instead I’m trying to figure out how to symbolize the three historic Castes (Waxing, Waning, Half; which’ll be shown “in shadow”) and the Changing Moons that replaced them.

Sidereals I haven’t really begun to think about yet. I think I might use their section to show the Loom of Fate or the constellations or the gods themselves.

Ideally, I’d also like the “negotiator” Castes (Eclipse, Moonshadow, No Moon, etc.) to all come together at one specific point on the chakra, where you can can step onto another splat’s pathways. But I’m not sure how to do that yet.

Suggestions and drooling are most welcome.

2 Responses to “World-Encompassing Spider Pattern”

  1. Jonathan Walton Says:

    There’s now an RPGnet thread, where I’ve gotten some good advice.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Ok, this isn’t helpful to you at all, but I’ve been playing with geocentric universe models in design projects since last spring and this reminds me a lot of that. I hadn’t messed with it recently until earlier *today* when it just sort of appeared in a sketch I was working on and it has very similar visual elements to what you’re working on. Weird.I might get what I’m working on now out later tonight, not sure.

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